The Babel Texts

The Babel Texts Available as .epub file, Kindle file, and in paperback editions


Reanalysis Of The Angles Present Within The Babel Text: Does An Increase In The Size Of The Error Bars Change The Analysis?

Author: Derek Cunningham Abstract - In a recent study by the author it was determined that the lines found within ancient geometric images (from early religious and astronomical sites) are aligned to specific angles, and the structure of Palaeolithic geometric...

New Study Reveals Stone Age People Could Read – and were Homo sapiens the first species to learn to write?

Abstract - In prior studies of Stone Age geometric patterns, the author has claimed that the lines found in ancient religious and astronomical sites might be encoded text. In this linear text it is proposed that the hidden meaning...

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The 5,000 Year Old Chinese Astronomical Text: A Statistical Analysis of the Reverse side of the Lingjiatan Jade Eagle

Abstract - Unlike prior statistical studies, which confirm the lines in ancient geometric patterns are based on astronomical...
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